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Hello Empower Marketing Community. A bit about me, my name is Bernard and I’m from New York City. I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful college age daughter. I have spent my early career as an electrical engineer and then pivoted, spending the better part of my career in a job I loved, FX derivates trader for a major British Bank.

My Motivation

As I have reached my 50s, I see that working for myself has always been a goal. The 9 to 5 grind was never for me. I have been drawn to the idea of creating income via online business opportunities. I have been more focused now as retirement is just around the corner for both my wife and I. Supplementing our retirement income in my golden years is a great motivator along with a Gen Z kid that feels college may not be right for her.

My Goal

It is my sincere desire, through Empower Marketing, to teach people like my daughter and others like her the skills needed to start your own successful online marketing business. One where you feel confident about your future, self-reliant, and financially independent. You can start your journey here, as I have and thousands of others with a trusted partner Wealth Affiliate.

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